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  • What is Amulet?
    Amulet is a program to externally modify Minecraft save files. This may be to fix a corrupt area of the world that stops the game from loading or to modify the terrain such as moving or copying builds. It aims to have similar functionality as MCEdit Unified and is able to edit the newer format worlds that MCEdit is not able to open. Amulet is a project started by some of the MCEdit Unified developers but is an entirely new program. It is still being developed but is getting to a point where it can be used in projects.
  • How do I download Amulet?
    For windows you can download the version for your operating system from and extract the zip file to your computer. Once it is extracted find amulet_app.exe and run it. For linux and macOS users you will need to run from source.
  • Which game versions is Amulet able to edit?
    Amulet is able to edit any version of Java from 1.12 and any version of Bedrock from 1.7. Note that we do not support snapshot/beta versions because the format changes too frequently for it to be worth keeping track of. Once the new version gets near to release we will start adding support for them.
  • Can I convert from version X to version Y
    Amulet is able to convert between any two worlds that it is able to open. The supported versions are any version of Java from 1.12 and any version of Bedrock from 1.7. Note that conversion can be within the same platform as well as between them. This means that you can convert a world to an older world version if you want to.
  • How do I convert a world?
    The conversion process takes all chunks from one world and copies them to another world translating the data as required. You will need the world that you plan to convert (the input world) and a world in the format that you wish to convert to (the output world). The output world will be modified so it is suggested you make a new world. 1) Make sure both worlds are closed in game. 2) Open the input world using the open world button. 3) Click on the convert tab on the left. 4) Click on "Select Output World" and find the output world. 5) Click convert and wait for the conversion to finish. 6) Close the world in Amulet. 7) Open the source world in game and write down your coordinates. 8) Open the output world in game and teleport to the coordinates you wrote down. Known limitations: Items in block containers such as chests do not get copied. Items have not been implemented yet. Entities do not get copied. Again these have not been implemented yet.
  • When will this feature get added?
    We plan to add every feature that exists in MCEdit Unified but to do so will take time. Be patient with us while we work on implementing everything. There is no specific timeline for when these features will get added but we prioritise features the majority of users want. The best place to request features is on the Amulet bug tracker. Use the search tool to see if your suggestion already exists. If it does exist give it a thumbs up so we know what to prioritise otherwise create a new feature request.
  • Can I edit Realms worlds?
    Yes. You will need to download the world from realms and then edit the local copy of the world and then upload the new version.
  • Can I edit server worlds?
    You can edit server worlds if you have access to the world files that are running on the server. You will first need to close the server and keep the server closed while you are editing the world in Amulet. Open the world in Amulet and do any editing you want to do and then save and close the world in Amulet. If the server is on a different computer than the one you are running Amulet on you will need to upload it to the server. If you are hosting the server on your comptuer and edited the world in place you do not need to do anything. You can now open the server again and the changes you made should appear in the world.
  • Can Amulet open modded worlds?
    There has not been much testing with modded worlds. You will have more luck with modded worlds newer than 1.13. You are welcome to try and use Amulet with a modded world but create backups before opening.
  • How do I look around in the 3D editor?
    Press the right mouse button in the 3D view and move the mouse around. Short press will toggle the behaviour and holding will enable it until you release.
  • Can Amulet delete chunks so the game can recreate them?
    Yes Amulet is able to delete chunks. Once you save and close Amulet and then reopen the world in game the game will recreate the deleted chunks.This can be useful if you want to recreate chunks in a new version of the game. Example videos of how to do this can be found below.
  • Can I copy and paste between worlds?
    Yes. You can copy a selection from one world and go to another world and paste it there. You can open more than one world in Amulet at once which will make it easier but is not required to copy between worlds.
  • Can I import and export structure files.
    Yes. Amulet is able to import an export .construction, .schematic, .schem and .mcstructure files currently. We plan to add the .nbt format in the future.
  • Can Amulet edit entities?
    Amulet does not yet have support for entities. There is a feature request for it here
  • Can Amulet change biomes?
    Amulet is able to change the biome however this only changes things like the weather, water freezing and some other behaviour. This will not allow you to recreate the chunk to look like the biome you just set.
  • Why are blocks/stairs not rotating?
    This is not currently supported but something we want to add in the future. Working out what each block state would rotate to is going to be a bit of an undertaking. There is a feature request for it here
  • What do the blue, black and red squares at the chunk base mean?
    In the 3D edit sub-program chunks are loaded and displayed in a 3D editor. At the base and ceiling of the chunk is a square to help identify where the chunk boundaries are. Blue squares are chunks that exist and may or may not contain blocks and other data. Black squares are chunks that do not yet exist. If you explore these chunks in game it will generate the chunk data and save it to disk. Next time you load it in Amulet it should be a blue square. If you have deleted chunks in Amulet they will go back to the non existstant state and will be recreated next time you explore them in game. The final state is the red state. You hopefully won't see this state but this is used if something went wrong when loading the chunk. This may be due to a bug in Amulet, a corrupted chunk or a newer version of the chunk that we do not yet support. Note that we do not support snapshot/beta versions. The console window will contain error messages for every chunk that failed to load with a traceback as to why. If this is not a snapshot/beta world please send us these errors to we can work out what is wrong.
  • Does Amulet have filters like MCEdit has?
    Amulet does have a plugin system so that users can write custom code that Amulet will run. In Amulet they are known as operations and can be found in the 3D editor sub-program in the operation tab. MCEdit filters are not directly compatible and will need to be rewritten to work with Amulet.
  • Can Amulet delete only part of a chunk so the game can recreate it?
    No. In order to make the game recreate a chunk all the chunk data needs to be deleted which can only be done by deleting the whole chunk. With a bit of work a user could delete the blocks from part of the chunk and copy over blocks from another world to produce the desired result but this cannot be done automatically.
  • Can I disable the undo point feature?
    The undo point feature is part of how Amulet functions and it currently can't be disabled. We may in the future look into changing this but it was added as a way of reducing memory usage by unloading chunks from RAM and caching them to your computers disk.
  • How do I install a third party operation?
    Operations are python code that can be run in the 3D Editor program. They can be used to modify the world data and anyone can write them with a bit of python knowledge. To install an operation 1) First download the python file to your computer. If the file is hosted on github: a) Open the file page in your browser b) Right click on the button that says "raw" c) Click "save link as..." d) Save the file to your computer 2) Navigate to where you have Amulet installed. 3) Navigate to plugins/operations next to the Amulet executable. You may need to start Amulet once for this folder to appear. 4) Put the python file you downloaded into plugins/operations. 5) Open Amulet 6) Open a world 7) Open the 3D Editor program 8) Click on the operations tab at the bottom 9) Click on the drop down menu and select the name of the plugin
  • Can I open a Bedrock .mcworld file in Amulet
    .mcworld files are .zip files containing all the world files with the file extension changed. These files cannot be directly opened by Amulet but if you change the extension back to .zip and extract it to a folder the world can be edited there. Note that by default file extensions are hidden on Windows. In order to change them you will need to change the setting in file explorer to show them.
  • Why are some chunks missing on Bedrock edition?
    Amulet is only able to display the chunks that have been saved by the game. Bedrock does not save all chunks that are displayed in game so you may see some holes in Amulet. In order for Amulet to display the chunk, you will need to make the game save the chunk. This used to involve just flying around, however as of 1.18.30 you may have to place blocks in the chunks in game. Before 1.18.30 increasing the simulation distance was sufficient to force the game to save a larger radius but this no longer works. There will also be some chunks that are on their own. These usually contain structures such as a spawner or a village that the game saves as soon as it is generated.
  • Can I edit PS4 worlds?
    The files for PS4 worlds are encrypted but they can still be edited with a bit of work. Users usually use Realms to upload the world on the PS4 and then download it again in the Windows 10 edition which unencrypts them. You can then edit the world with Amulet and upload the edited world to Realms again and download on the PS4. There is a tool that can decrypt PS4 save files however it is expensive and I am not aware of anyone trying this method. Neither of these solutions are ideal but they are the only options.
  • Why am I getting lighting issues in Java edition?
    This can be fixed in newer versions of Java Edition by clicking on the world and then clicking "edit" and then "optimize world" and then "erase cached data" This will clear all lighting data from the world so that the game can recreate it. We plan to support fixing this automatically in the future. There is a bug report open for it here
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