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Please read this carefully before downloading.

We do not expect Amulet to corrupt any worlds but please create copies before editing them.


If you do not know where your world save is stored it will probably be in one of these places






Known limitations
  • Items are currently only supported within the same platform (Java to Java or Bedrock to Bedrock)

  • Entities are not currently supported and should remain where they were

  • If a chunk cannot be loaded it will appear red and cannot be modified

  • There are some issues with the block translations and some blocks that have not been implemented yet


Let us know what you think of the program in discord or twitter. We are mostly concentrating on what the program can do rather than how easy it is to use so bear that in mind when giving feedback.

Report Bugs

If the program crashes or does something unexpected please open a bug report on github or reach out to us on discord or twitter. You will need to give us all the information you have in order to solve the issue. This includes but is not limited to the version of Amulet you are using; the world platform and version you are editing; any errors in the console and the log files in the log folder; the steps you did to create the issue.

We may need to ask you to share the world so that we can try and reproduce the issue.

If there are conversion errors with blocks or other data we would like to hear about them. You can report these in the same way.

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