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Running from Source

Note that there are currently issues running this on MacOS and Linux.

See #127 for more information

  1. Install Python 3.9

  2. We recommend setting up a python virtual environment so you don't run into issues with dependency conflicts.

  3. Install amulet-map-editor and its dependencies using one of the commands below.

Install latest full release

python -m pip install amulet-map-editor --upgrade

Install latest beta

python -m pip install amulet-map-editor --upgrade

If you are using linux you will also need to find and install wxPython from this list. More information can be found here.

   4. run python -m amulet_map_editor to run the program

On some operating systems Python 3 uses the command python3 rather than just python so you will need to swap that out if that is the case.

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